Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Transporter 3

This time, the rules are the same, except one..

A device attached to his wrist which will explode if Frank goes more than 75 feet from his car

Frank Martin (Jason Statham) has been pressured into transporting Valentina (Natalya Rudakova), the kidnapped daughter of Leonid Vasilev (Jeroen Krabbe), the head of the Environmental Protection Agency for the Ukraine, from Marceilles through Stuttgart and Budapest until he ends up in Odessa on the Black Sea, through the use of a device attached to his wrist which will explode if Frank goes more than 75 feet from his car.

She got high - at gas station

Along the way, with the help of Inspector Tarconi, Frank has to contend with the people who strong armed him to take the job, agents sent by Vasilev to intercept him, and the general non-cooperation of his passenger. Despite Valentina’s cynical disposition and his resistance to get involved, Frank and Valentina fall for each other, while escaping from one life-threatening situation after another. Statham again drives an armored Audi A8 W12 in the film.

Transporter 3 Trailer

My rate &
It’s the same movie as the other two.
Fast cars, loose women, kinetic kung fu.
Jason Statman takes his shirt off then kicking
the bad guys in the face. Pretty cool.
Directed by
Olivier Megaton
Produced by
Luc Besson, Steve Chasman
Written by
Luc Besson, Robert Mark Kamen
Jason Statham, François Berléand,
Robert Knepper, Natalya Rudakova,
Eriq Ebouaney
Distributed by
EuropaCorp, Lionsgate
20th Century Fox (United Kingdom)
Release date(s)
November 26, 2008 (USA)
December 5, 2008 (UK)
Running time
1 hr. 43 min.
Flag of FranceFrance
Gross revenue$54,046,260
Preceded by
Transporter 2

The cool fights