Monday, December 1, 2008


The best scifi movie of the year" - Alex Markerson, E! Online

A genetic anomaly allows a young man to teleport himself anywhere. He discovers this gift has existed for centuries and finds himself in a war that has been raging for thousands of years between "Jumpers" and those who have sworn to kill them.

Jumper Trailer

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"Jumper" is a pretty okay action sci-fi movie.
It's not that bad. You may not be totally
satisfied at the end but you'll probably have fun.
Directed by
Doug Liman
Produced by
Simon Kinberg, Lucas Foster,
Jay Sanders, Stacy Maes
Written by
Screenplay: David S. Goyer,
Jim Uhls, Simon Kinberg
Novel: Steven Gould
Hayden Christensen, Jamie Bell,
Rachel Bilson, Samuel L. Jackson,
Diane Lane, Max Thieriot,
AnnaSophia Robb
Distributed by
20th Century Fox
New Regency Productions
Release date(s)
February 14, 2008 (U.S.)
Action, Sci-fi
Running time
90 min.
BudgetUSD$85 million
Gross revenue

David Rice, a 15-year-old student in Ann Arbor, Michigan, discovers he has the ability to "jump", teleporting to any location he has seen after falling into a frozen river. He decides to leave his alcoholic father, his mother having left him when he was five, and goes to New York City, using his powers to rob a bank for funds. Eight years later, David lives a luxurious life from his penthouse apartment, its walls covered with pictures of places around the world which he "jumps" to on a daily basis. However, a lead from the bank robbery has finally led a man named Roland Cox to David, who knows of his ability and has the technology to disable him - electrified restraints. However, as Roland believes someone is protecting David, he hesitates in killing him long enough for David to escape. Roland tells his associates to be prepared at the various sites that David has on his walls.

Hayden Christensen to teleport himself anywhere - including the Great Pyramids of Egypt for lunch

David returns to Ann Arbor, and seeks out his old high-school girlfriend, Millie, working at a local bar. During their conversation, Mark, another classmate who bullied David in school, recognizes him and he and David get into a fight. Once out of sight of the onlookers, David teleports Mark to the bank vault in New York City, and returns. He invites Millie to join him on a trip to Rome, which she accepts. The two arrive in the city and sightsee. David uses his abilities to gain them access to the closed Colosseum, but runs into another Jumper, Griffin, who has been watching David for some time. Griffin explains that his flagrant jumping has attracted attention - two men who approach with weapons identical to Roland's. The ensuing battle displays both Griffin's Jumping talent and the hunters ability to sense Jumps, but Griffin is victorious, welcoming David to "the war" with a short explanation - the men are "Paladins". Paladins kill Jumpers. Griffin kills them first.

Rachel Bilson learns the truth behind the teleporting abilities of “Jumper” Hayden Christensen - in Rome

The battle has attracted attention, so David collects Millie and departs, but they are caught trespassing by the police, and David is put in jail. Mary, David's mother, shortly arrives and helps David get free, telling him he has little time, but does not give David any time to ask questions. David goes to find Millie, who is highly suspicious of David's behavior, but he is unable to explain, and makes sure she is safely aboard a plane back to the United States while he goes to Griffin for further explanation.

In JUMPER, a genetic anomaly allows Jamie Bell and Hayden Christensen to teleport anywhere in the world

At Griffin's desert lair, Griffin explains to David about the Paladins; they are fanatical religious fundamentalists who believe that Jumpers are an affront to God. They have been hunting Jumpers for centuries - Griffin attributes the Inquisition and witch hunts to them. Part of their method in hunting Jumpers is to target their loved ones as well; Griffin has been on a personal mission to kill Roland after he killed his parents.

David quickly jumps back to Ann Arbor to find his father mortally wounded; Roland had used the appearance of Mark in the bank vault to trace David to Ann Arbor. Realizing that Millie will not be safe when she lands, David asks for Griffin's help to meet her at the airport. However, they arrive to find that the plane landed an hour earlier; David jumps to Millie's apartment to find that Roland is waiting for him there. Before Roland can react, David grabs Millie and returns the two of them to Griffin's lair.

Samuel Jackson, stars as the leader of the Paladins, a secret sect sworn to destroy the “Jumpers.”

Griffin, who has been arming himself to fight Roland, is furious with David; the Paladins have a device that permits them to traverse the phenomena by which Jumpers teleport - David has just led Roland right to Griffin's lair. A battle ensues between the Jumpers and Paladins, but Griffin is able to drive the Paladins back to Millie's apartment with a flame thrower, though Millie has been captured as well. Griffin attempts to teleport a bomb to the apartment, but David tries to stop him; the two begin a world-spanning fight, but David eventually traps Griffin in a downed power transition tower. As David leaves, Griffin claims that Jumpers don't have the ability to protect their loved ones - he will die if he attempts the rescue.

Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson are trapped by the deadly Paladins, a secret sect sworn to destroy the “Jumpers.”

David jumps to Millie's apartment and is quickly snared by the Paladins. Risking his life, David manages to teleport the entire apartment to a nearby river, including Millie and the Paladins, but seemingly falls unconscious in the process. However, the couple are then teleported to the library where David made his first jump - along with Roland. David recovers first, grabs Roland and teleports him to a cave high above the Grand Canyon, noting to Roland he could have left him somewhere more dangerous ("...with the sharks"), proving that he is not the abomination Roland believes him to be. Sometime later, David and Millie travel to Mary's home, and learns that Mary herself was a Paladin; when David was five, he began jumping, so she left to avoid having to kill her own son. She asks him to leave, giving him a head start before she must hunt him down; David and Millie jump to an unknown location.

Plot Source: Wiki